French courses in France for adults 50+

Learning the French language in France! There's no better way to immerse yourself in French than this. A French language course in France promises a unique experience for golden age students; alongside other students over 50, you'll delve into French language studies while fully embracing French culture. If you're looking to travel to France with like-minded individuals and learn the language simultaneously, opt for a French language trip tailored for the 50-plus age group!

Embark on a French language course for 50-plus individuals in the beautiful South of France

StudyTravel offers French language courses for adults of the over 50s in various parts of France, including the South. Enjoy the renowned French Riviera, the azure blue sea, picturesque coastal towns, art and culture, and of course, the famous French gastronomy. Cities like Antibes, Nice, and Montpellier are immensely popular among the 50-plus crowd for a reason. Here, you can blend a French language course for seniors with all the goodness that the South of France has to offer! The rich cultural heritage in this region of France also provides ample opportunities for cultural excursions during the Club 50 French course for seniors.

Learning French in intriguing cities in Central and Northern France

Not a fan of sun, sea, and beaches? No worries! Adults of the over 50s can still enroll in a Club 50+ French course in France. Consider Rouen; Rouen's rich history makes it an appealing destination for seniors looking to combine learning French with a cultural journey. In Rouen, you'll also appreciate Gothic architecture, charming squares, and cozy streets filled with cafes where you can immediately apply your newfound French language skills! Enjoy this fascinating city in Northern France alongside other 50-plus adults.

Similarly, Vichy offers a Club 50 French course tailored for seniors. Vichy is globally renowned as a spa town due to its famous thermal springs. During your language course in Vichy, you'll also relish in intriguing art deco architecture, sports and recreational activities, and a fantastic culinary scene. It's a perfect destination for adults over 50 to blend French learning with a relaxing vacation.

Who are the 50+ French courses in France suitable for?

These French language courses for adults aged 50 and above are ideal for active seniors who want to learn French and engage in activities within a convivial group of peers. Don't let your age hold you back; join a Club 50 group alongside other like-minded individuals over 50.

It's never too late to learn a language, but some students aged 50 and above prefer not to be in a group with younger learners. In that case, the Club 50 French course is perfect. Are you 50+ and looking for a mixed-age class? Then the French language courses (for all ages) are suitable for you.

Personal advice for 50+ students

Unsure about the various destinations, language courses, and accommodations in France? Or unsure if a language trip for seniors is right for you? Reach out to StudyTravel for personalized advice on all possible language courses abroad!

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