French courses in Antibes for adults

Learn French in Antibes, a lovely, scenic resort town in southeastern France positioned on the Côte d'Azur between Cannes and Nice. The town is very popular with holiday makers from all over Europe, especially during the summer months. The town is divided into two parts, the historic old town, home to traditional shops and attractive restaurants and the more modern Juan-les-pins section of the town, where many tourists and young people flock to due to its nightlife and gorgeous beaches. The town has a population of approximately 72,000 inhabitants making it a large, but not one that is overly crowded.


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Language courses for Adults at Centre International D'Antibes

Learn French in Antibes at our partner French school, CIA. CIA has 3 locations in which French courses are taught, 'Le Chateau', 'Le Port' and 'Juan-les-Pins'. read more »
Minimum age:
6 years
Max. class size:
all year round
Stay in:
Host family, School residence
Course period:
1-21 weeks, 1 week from €369

Weather in Antibes

Month Max
June 24 16 10
July 27 18 12
Aug 27 18 10
Sept 25 16 9
Oct 21 12 6
Nov 17 8 5
Dec 13 5 4
Jan 13 4 5
Feb 13 5 6
Mar 15 7 6
Apr 17 9 8
May 20 13 9
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