General Courses

Intensive course
This course is usually 20 lessons/week and is the most popular of all our courses, as it allows the student plenty of free time, whilst still being intensive enough to ensure you make rapid progress. It's possible to do this course at every school.

Mini group
The maximum class size on these courses is 3-6 students, making it possible for the teacher to give each student very individualised attention.

Combined / special mini group
These courses are a combination of an intensive course or a mini group course and 1 or 2 private lessons per day. You can use the private lessons to focus on whatever is most important to you, perhaps preparing for a specific exam, or concentrating on what you need to know for your job.

During these private lessons you can concentrate on everything you want to know about the language you are studying.

Special Courses

Academic year
This is a complete program with lessons in the official language of the country (Spanish, English, French or Italian). This contents language, culture and business. The idea is to maximize your study time. A program of long duration such as this is simply the most effective way to master the language. Whether you start the course at beginner, elementary or intermediate level you will reach a level of fluency that will allow you to communicate perfectly in both social and professional circles. You will be completely immersed in the language and culture. Over time you will gain the knowledge and confidence to effectively handle any situation that may arise.

Exam courses
An official diploma can be valuable for those who want to work or study abroad. The exam generally takes place on a limited number of times per year, therefore good planning is important. The time necessary to prepare for the exam of your choice depends on your starting level, your diligence and the intensity of your course.

Golden age
As the world changes and people retire earlier, they have more time available to enjoy life and where better to do so than in another country! This programme is designed especially for those people who now have the time to enjoy travelling, getting to know people from all over the world and learning new things - languages, traditions, customs, cultures, etc. This course combines language learning with social and cultural activities designed to help you to get to know the customs and traditions of the country and your fellow course participants.

Youth courses
These courses have been specially designed for teenagers, combining language learning with a whole range of fun activities in several destinations.

Dance / sports / culture courses

If you want to combine your language course with sports, dance, a creative course or you want to know more about the culture of the country you are staying in, then book one of the additional courses.

Work experience abroad looks good on your resume and above all it's fun! StudyTravel offers you the opportunity of extending your language travel experience with an internship, a work programme or volunteer work.

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