The importance of speaking a foreign language

Knowledge of modern languages becomes more important every day. Fast communication makes the world smaller and smaller. Not only in business, but also in colleges you are expected to follow classes that are taught in a foreign language. The information you can find on the Internet for work and study, is frequently in another language too. People nowadays travel more and further from home. In short, speaking a foreign language is almost a must.

Why abroad?

Learning a language abroad is an exciting adventure. You will hear, see and read only that language. But a course abroad means more than just that. It is:

- an unforgettable experience
Whilst abroad you get to know the country, the local inhabitants and its culture. This way, the language comes to life. You don't only learn the vocabulary and grammar, but also the details: the connection between feelings, words and intentions.

- learning how to communicate in a foreign language
Communication not only consists of speaking a language. Habits, customs and the way of thinking, also have their influence on communication. You will only learn, experience and understand this when you are in the country itself. All the schools offer an activity and excursion programme that will increase your insight in the country you visit.

- not only the nicest, but also the fastest way of learning
You go to school for a few hours per day and hear the language on the streets, in shops, on the television etc. This way you learn a lot in a relatively short periode of time. It almost comes naturally!

- making friends from all over the world
In our partner schools you will meet students from Japan, Sweden, America, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Norway, the Netherlands and many more countries. The result is a pleasant, international atmosphere.  

- being taught by specially trained teachers
All teachers are native-speakers and teach classes in their own language, also in the beginner groups! In all schools the communicative method is used, in which special education techniques make sure you will understand what your teachers means. You will see that you learn much more than you expected in a short period of time.

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