JobTravel is the department of StudyTravel that focusses on training periods, work experience projects and voluntary work abroad. From working in a hotel in Italy to volunteering in Ecuador, we will arrange it for you!

Learning the language first

Generally you follow a language programme for a number of weeks. Your language level should be (depending on the project) intermediate or even advanced. This is not only requested by the company or organisation you will work for, but is also a good start for yourself. This way you also have enough time to get used to the country. Moreover it is much easier to communicate with your colleagues. Do not forget that in most countries the locals only speak their own language.

Then go to work!

Our partner organisation abroad makes sure everything is well organised for you. You have a contact where you can go to with all of your questions. To view all destinations where we offer work programmes, click the button 'Course guide' and look for 'JobTravel'. Your next decision is to choose one of our work programmes:

Training periods

Training periods are aimed at a specific field and are generally unpaid. With a training period you do not only gain work experience, but you can also expand your knowledge of the language away from the school, in real life situations amongst your colleagues.


Generally this is lower trained work than the training periods, like working as a waiter/waitress or a chambermaid. You generally get cost and lodging and/or a (low) salary. These projects are a cheap way to gain foreign country experience and brush up your language level.

Volunteer work

These are projects in an ecological area, in the social sector and in health care. The goal of these projects is to improve the local situation and/or help the locals. You will achieve this together with national and international volunteers. You pay a conciliation fee which partly contributes towards your accomodation. Although you do not get paid, you will certainly keep a lifelong memory of this experience.

An experience that counts

Work experience abroad always looks good on your resume because it shows what you are capable of. Working abroad isn't always easy and therefore it shows you are persistent and motivated. You have to grow accustomed to the country, the habits and working circumstances. Be open to the adventure, work hard and you will gain an unforgettable experience.


Do you want to travel around or take part in a programme of cultural excursions after or during your course? StudyTravel can arrange this for you, together with your language course. There are possibilities in La Herradura (south of Spain) and Ecuador.
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