TOEIC Exam Course

The TOEIC (Test Of English for International Communication) is an official examination, which is taken by more than 5 million people per year. The TOEIC test is recommended for people who want to receive an official language certificate to confirm the level of their English skills in a professional and professional context. More than 5,000 international companies from around the world and around 2,000 European companies and institutions frequently require this examination certificate in order to meet the language criteria as part of the application process for a job or place in a specific company or institution.

What is the format of the exam?

The TOEIC test is either done in paper or internet format and consists of 200 multiple choice questions. The aim of the examination is to evaluate the level of the candidates level of literacy and speech.
TOEIC Listening and Speaking
The TOEIC listening and speaking exam consists of:
Listening (Listeners): short monologues and dialogues with subsequent questions
Reading (Reading): several subsequent texts with comprehension questions
Duration of the exam: 2.5 hours

TOEIC Speaking and Writing
This is done in internet format rather than paper format.
Faculty of speech (Speaking): This part consists of various themes, eg Reading to check the pronunciation, description of photos (power of expression, vocabulary, grammar) and a themed topic for which you have the opportunity to express your own opinion.
Duration = 20 minutes

Writing assets (Writing): writing a paper and subsequent texts wich is based on several comprehension questions.
Time = 1 hour

After you have taken the exam, the results of the exam are usually published within 8-15 working days.

How is the exam marked?

In total, the paper is worth 990 points, each part consists of:

• Listening: 5 - 495 points
• Reading Comprehension (Reading): 5 - 495 points
Internet format = 400 points
• Talking assets (Speaking): 0-200 points
• Writing: 0 - 200 pts

Where the TOEIC preparation courses are offered?

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