TELC exam preparation courses

The TELC exam (The European Language Certificates) is based on the Common European Framework of Reference and has a high international reputation. Book a TELC course with StudyTravel in major destinations of Germany or Russia.

Levels of the TELC exam


  • A1 and A2: basic use of the language
  • B1 and B2: independent use of the language
  • C1 and C2: competent use of the language


There are also specific exams focused on academic or business language, as well as exams for "levels between levels": A2-B1, B1-B2 and B2-C1.

All exams consist of a written part and an oral part. The written exam lasts 65 minutes for level A1, 70 minutes for level A2, 2 hours and 30 minutes for level B1, 2 hours and 20 minutes for level B2, 3 hours and 40 minutes for level C1 and 4 hours and 10 minutes for level C2. The oral examination can take place the same day of the written exam or on another day.

Please, ALWAYS check with us if the destination of your choice offers exam dates for the level you want to take.

Validity of TELC certificates

TELC certificates are recognized by companies, public offices, schools and universities around the world. In addition, they are recognized for residence permits in German speaking countries.


Destinations where you can prepare for the TELC exam:

TELC exam preparation (German):



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