Study Spanish in Guatemala

 Study Spanish in Guatemala, a captivating Latin American country with a fascinating Mayan history. Guatemala has a history dating back 12,000 years and was dominated by the Mayan civilisation for over 2000 years until the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in the early 16th century. If you choose to study Spanish in Guatemala you will be able to find evidence of Mayan heritage all over the country, from remote archaeological sites, to villages which still follow Mayan customs. Apart from Mayan, you can also find strong Hispanic and African cultural influences in Guatemala which add to the country‚Äôs cultural diversity.

Guatemala is a biologically significant country due to its unique ecosystems which make it a bio-diverse beauty hotspot for you to study Spanish in. Guatemala is a highly mountainous country, with many highlands and lowlands throughout the country. Guatemala has 14 eco-regions, ranging from forests, to lakes and oceans.  Moreover, when you study Spanish in Guatemala you will have the opportunity to see the Usumacinta River, which provides a unique and fascinating border between Mexico and Guatemala. Without a doubt, you will definitely love studying Spanish in Guatemala

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