Study Spanish in Argentina

Argentina is without a doubt one of South America's most enchanting countries as it reflects both the European elegance which has been developed over the years from immigration and also the original indigenous population, thus making your decision to study Spanish in Argentina more unique.  Argentina holds some stunning natural wonders in its country, it is undoubtedly a vast continental area with both the outstanding Andes Mountain range and also the great Atlantic Ocean.

Argentina has a diverse culture which is infused with both indigenous traditions and European conventions, due to the immigration over the years. This is evident in the food of Argentina, as not only do they enjoy tasty European delicacies, but they also enjoy their own traditional indigenous inspired food such as Empanadas (stuffed pastry) and Chorizo, (spicy sausage). Moreover, the Argentinean wine industry is one of the biggest outside Europe therefore, it is imperative that you sample some of the nicest and finest wines freshly fermented from an Argentinean vineyard.  In order to truly absorb the Argentinean culture, when you decide to study Spanish in Argentina, you must listen live to some tango music, which was invented in Argentina, from which the Tango dance was later developed. Choosing to study Spanish in Argentina is an experience you will never forget.

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