Study Italian in Lignano
Study Italian in Lignano, a pretty town situated by the Adriatic Sea. Lignano has about 6000 inhabitants, but this figure multiplies in the summer due to its popularity with visitors. Situated between Trieste and Venice, Lignano has established itself as a favourite destination for young people to study Italian due to its beauty and wealth of activities it has to offer. Lignano’s fantastic bathing areas and pristine beaches, which are more than 8 kilometres long are well known throughout Italy, and have contributed to the town’s development as a tourist destination. Amongst Lignano’s many tourist attractions we can count various parks, cycling paths, a large amount of shops and cafes where you can relax and enjoy the region’s fantastic weather in spring and summer.  But, without any doubt the most beautiful feature of Lignano is its stunning, typical Mediterranean natural surroundings, which includes over 200 hectors of forest. The airport closest to Lignano is the Marco Polo in Venice, which is 90 km from the town and has connections to most major European destinations.

Study Italian in an international language school in Lignano
We offer you the chance to study Italian in Linguaviva, our fantastic school in Lignano. The beautiful town centre and nature of Lignano and the language school attracts a large number of people from all over the world who come to study Italian in Lignano. The school organizes a large programme of free time activities which are designed to help students study Italian whilst having enjoying themselves, such as sports, forest walks and excursions to Venice and Verona. If you decide to study Italian in our language school in Lignano you will definitely have a fantastic time!

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Language courses for Juniors at Linguaviva

Learn Italian in Lignano at our partner Italian school, Linguaviva. Linguaviva has a centre which is specifically designed for young people who would like to study Italian in a fun and relaxed environment. The centre consists of a typical Italian villa which is situated in an area close to Lignano’s beaches and park area. read more »
Minimum age:
14 years
Max. class size:
all year round
Course period:
2-4 weeks, 2 weeks from €2180

Weather in Lignano

Month Max
May 22 14 7
June 25 18 8
July 28 20 9
Aug 27 20 8
Sept 24 17 7
Oct 18 13 5
Nov 12 8 3
Dec 8 4 3
Jan 7 3 3
Feb 9 4 4
Mar 12 6 5
Apr 17 10 6
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