Italian Language Schools in Perugia

Learn Italian in the language schools in Perugia, a city that will undoubtedly steal your heart. A charming, bustling city in an enchanting environment, with green hills and medieval boroughs you will certainly not be disappointed if you choose to learn Italian in the language schools in Perugia. Assisi, Siena and lake Trasimeno with its islands are also ideal destinations for an excursion during your Italian course. Famous for its excellent wines and Italian cuisine, Perugia is the capital of the Umbria region and has a population of 160,000. Perugia is a city noted for its art and talented artists with the famous painter Pietro Vannucci, a native of the region. Vanucci decorated the local Sala del Cambio with a series of beautiful frescoes, as well as being the teacher of Raphael, the great Renaissance artist. Pinturicchio is another famous painter who lived here and Galeazzo Alessi is the most famous architect coming from the city.
Language Schools in Perugia
Take an Italian language course in one of the best language schools in Perugia, the Comitato Lingustico. In recent times this fantastic destination has become famous for its chocolate production, which is popular all over Europe. Every October, Perugia holds a chocolate festival as well as holding one of Europe's most famous Jazz festivals each July. Perugia has some of the most stunning architecture in the whole of Italy and is home to two universities, the old Università degli Studi and the Foreigners University (Università per Stranieri). Stranieri is an Italian language and culture school for students from all over the world who come to learn Italian in the language schools in Perugia. Like the majority of Italian institutions, the two universities have elaborate histories and both buildings are of interesting design.
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Language courses for Adults at Comitato Linguistico

Learn Italian in Perugia at our partner school, Comitato Linguistico. Founded in 1986, Comitato Linguistico is located in the historic centre of Perugia, close to the famous landmarks described above. read more »
Max. class size:
all year round
Course period:
1-24 weeks, 1 week from €290

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