Portuguese Language Schools in Maceió
Learn Portuguese in one of the language schools in Maceió, a beautiful modern city which is fast becoming one of Brazil's favourite holiday destinations. Situated next to some of South America's most stunning beaches, the language schools in Maceió makes a fantastic destination to learn Brazillian Portuguese in whilst enjoying a relaxing holiday. Maceió has a fantastic climate, with warm and sunny weather all year round and breezes blowing off the Atlantic Ocean means that uncomfortably hot temperatures rarely occur here. Maceió has a small but vibrant restaurant and bar culture, which provide the perfect atmosphere in which to soak up some Brazillian culture. A fantastic time to learn Portuguese in the language schools in Maceió is during the yearly Festival of Saint John, the most important and popular in this region of Brazil, traditionally the festivities begin after the 12th June, on the eve of St Anthony’s Day, and last until the 29th, which is Saint Peter’s Day. During this 15-day period, the residents light bonfires and fireworks and dance in the streets.

Language Schools in Maceio
Attend one of the best language schools in Maceio, the Fast Forward Language Institute.When you attend the language schools in Maceio, you will discover that Northeastern Brazil has a beautiful coastline and the area around Maceió is no different. Maceió's local beaches are very popular not only with foreign tourists but also Brazilian holidaymakers. When the water is calm, sailing is tremendously popular here as is scuba diving, and there are many attractive dive spots to visit along Maceió's shoreline.
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