English Language Schools in Eastbourne

Learn English at one of the language schools in Eastbourne, a lively yet traditional English seaside town. Once a fishing village, Eastbourne became a popular Victorian holiday destination, and you can still see this legacy in the town’s typically English pier and pretty tree-lined avenues. Situated just 90 minutes away from London, Eastbourne is ideal if you are looking for a traditionally English destination in which to attend one of the many English language schools. Clean, safe and affluent, Eastbourne is surrounded by beautiful countryside and a stunning coastline, and enjoys the most days of sun out of any of England’s south coast resorts. Due to its location, studying at English language schools in Eastbourne also makes a great destination if you are planning on discovering other places in southern England during your stay, such as Brighton, which is just 30 minutes away by train, and London. 

Language schools in Eastbourne
We offer you the chance to learn English in St Giles, one of the best language schools in Eastbourne. St Giles is located just 100 metres away from the best beaches of Eastbourne and just 10 minutes away from its town centre. You can choose to participate in various activities, such as bowling, an in-school party, a pub night and cinema evenings. We are also offering weekend excursions to London, Cambridge, Scotland and Bath for you to enjoy when you decide to study English in our language schools in Eastbourne.  If you choose to attend our English language schools in Eastbourne you will find that the town has a lovely atmosphere and friendly inhabitants which is great when it comes to practicing your English language skills!

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St Giles

Language courses for Adults at St Giles

Learn English in Eastbourne at our partner school, St. Giles. Located in a elegant building with a large garden, St. Giles Eastbourne is just 100 meters away from the area’s best beaches, and 10 minutes away from Eastbourne’s town centre. read more »
Minimum age:
16 years
Max. class size:
all year round
Stay in:
Guest house, Host family
Course period:
1-24 weeks, 1 week from €418

Weather in Eastbourne

Month Max
May 17 8 6
June 20 12 7
July 22 14 6
Aug 21 13 6
Sept 19 11 5
Oct 14 8 3
Nov 10 5 2
Dec 7 4 1
Jan 6 2 1
Feb 7 2 2
Mar 10 3 4
Apr 13 6 5
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