Spanish Language Schools in Cuernavaca
Take Spanish lessons in the language schools in Cuernavaca, a charming city and popular tourist destination positioned just 85 km south of the country's capital, Mexico City. With a population of approximately 330,000 people Cuernavaca is relatively large in size. It is often referred to as the "city of eternal spring" because of its consistent year-round temperatures and very pleasant climate, with good weather almost guaranteed. Cuernavaca is positioned in the heartland of Mexico and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful and culturally-attractive locations in the world. Cuernavaca is appreciated for having a rich history, wonderful scenery and good nightlife with a number of trendy bars and distinctive restaurants. Cuernavaca is surrounded by undulating hills and features narrow, cobbled streets, very much reminiscent of colonial times. With all this on offer, choosing to attend the Spanish language schools in Cuernavaca means not only being able to have a great study holiday, but also a fantastic cultural experience.
Language Schools in Cuernavaca
Attend one of the best language schools in Cuernavaca, Experiencia, our fantastic language schools in Cuernavaca. When you study here you will see that it is such an attractive tourist destination because there is a great balance between ancient and new; the city has maintained its historical heritage but modernised aspects of life to cater for visitors. For example there are now modern hotel facilities and amenities, attractive parks and gardens and beautiful swimming pools. The surrounding region has so much to offer that an excursion is a must. With so much to offer, no wonder so many people want to go to the language schools in Cuernavaca!
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