Language Schools in Bolivia

Attend Spanish classes in language schools in Bolivia, in the culturally-diverse heartland landlocked South American country bordered by Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile. Bolivia is sometimes referred to as the ‘Tibet of South America’ due to its height and isolation in the Andes, and is definitely a ‘must visit’ destination for anyone travelling around South America. Bolivia’s landscape is one of the most varied in the world, ranging from snow capped mountains to semi-tropical lowlands to steamy rainforests in the Amazon basin. Furthermore, it is highly evident from the rich and vast architecture, clothing, sculptures and paintings, of the Inca Empire. The people of Bolivia still celebrate their Indigenous and Incan heritage, with many festivals and days dedicated to a celebration, something which is not to be missed when you go to the language schools in Bolivia.

Bolivia is a country whose culture is rich in folklore, everything from listening to folk music to having traditional folk dances, is evident of this and you will definitely see this presence when you decide to attend the Spanish language schools in Bolivia.  If you choose to take a Spanish course in Bolivia, you will also be able to experience the most indigenous country in South America, with over 60% of Bolivian’s claiming indigenous heritage.  Bolivia’s extraordinary landscape, colonial architecture, indigenous peoples and legacy of ancient civilisations make this an unforgettable place to take Spanish lessons in the language schools.
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