D.E.L.E. (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera)

Do you want to have an official notation on your resume for the mastery of the Spanish language? Improve your Spanish in the preparation course for DELE exam, Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language. The exam preparation course Spanish and the DELE exam of Cervantes institute are offered in many of our destinations in Spain!


What is the DELE exam?

The DELE exam 'Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera' (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language) is the official certificate of the fluency of the Spanish language. It is recognised by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain. The Instituto Cervantes is the institution in charge of organising the exams while the University of Salamanca is responsible for preparation, correcting and making a final evaluation of the exams. The exam is held in the following different levels:

Nivel Inicial
Intermediate-mid/threshold level.
You can understand the language and expres your wishes and desires in Spanish in daily situations.

Nivel Intermedio
High-intermediate level.
You have the necessary knowledge of the Spanish language. You can have discussions in Spanish which not require specific vocabulary.

Nivel Superior
Superior level.
You can speak and write the language fluently, you can talk about every requested subject and you have the awareness of customs and cultural background of Spain.

The DELE examination exists of the following parts:

Levels A1/A2
•    Reading comprehension (45 min)
•    Aural comprehension (20 min)
•    Writing (25 min)
•    Conversation (10-15 min)

Level B1
•    Reading comprehension (40 min)
•    Aural comprehension (30 min)
•    Speaking (10-15 min)
•    Writing (25 min)
•    Grammar and vocabulary test (40 min)

Level B2

•    Reading comprehension (60 min)
•    Aural comprehension (30 min)
•    Speaking (15 min)
•    Writing (60 min)
•    Grammar and vocabulary test (60 min)

Levels C1/C2
•    Reading comprehension (60 min)
•    Aural comprehension (45 min)
•    Speaking (15 min)
•    Writing (25 min)
•    Grammar and vocabulary test (40 min)

Above mentioned exam parts are held one day. You have the pass all five parts to get the DELE diploma.

Why a DELE exam?

The DELE exam is the only recognized diploma Spanish for those who have another native language than Spanish. The document has a great value for, for instance students who want to go studying at universities in Spanish speaking countries, or want to work in a country where Spanish is the language spoken. Moreover a DELE diploma improves your resume instantly! For these reasons, we recommend everybody who is studying Spanish for a longer period of time to do a DELE exam!

When can I do a DELE prep course?

The best preparation for a DELE exam is certainly a language course in the country where the language is spoken. The exams are held just 5 times a year in April, May, July, October and November, so make sure you planned your language courses and exams well. The time of the course depends on your starting level, your effort putting into it and the intensity of the language course.
At various destinations in Spain you can do a preparation language course for the DELE exam, and do the connecting DELE exam! For all your questions about the language course or actual exam dates you can get in contact with StudyTravel.

Examination and enrolment dates

There are five exam sessions per year: in April, May, July, October and November.

See for more information the official website of Instituto Cervantes.

For the exact exam dates in the destination of your choice, please contact us.

What are the costs?

The costs of the course depend of the school and destination. The costs of the DELE exam are approx. €110 - 215 (depending on your level) and are not included in the course price.

Where can I do a DELE exam?

In the following destinations we offer you the possibility to do a DELE Exam course:
San José


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