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Study German in Lindau, a popular holiday destination for both German and European holidaymakers alike due to its stunning location and incredible surroundings. Interestingly enough, the town is an island in the eastern part of Lake Constance in Southern Germany, which is connected to the mainland by a railway dam and a bridge. The town is situated in the Bavaria region of Germany and has a population of approximately 24,000 inhabitants, although this increases during the summer. The town is positioned near to where Germany, Austria and Switzerland meet, nestled under the Pfänder Mountain, making excursions to these countries an enjoyable experience. Due to its pleasant location in Lake Constance and its historic medieval town centre, Lindau is a popular place for sightseeing tours and holidays, and makes a fantasic location to study German. Also, an annual Nobel Prize Winners meeting and a congress of medical physics are held in the city. Lindau was on an important trade route from Nuremburg to Italy in former times and fishing has played a big role in the economy of the city, as well as being an important location for textiles industries in the 19th century.

Study German in an international language school in Lindau
If you come to study German in our language school in you will notice Lindau has a number of special sights of interest that are popular with visitors. The town’s famous harbour is still regarded as the most attractive on Lake Constance and was completed in 1856. Much of the work was completed by the sculptor Johann Von Halbing and includes a lion looking over the lake. The harbour entrance is flanked by the Bavarian crest and the 33m high lighthouse. The Pulverton tower stands on the western tip of the island and was integrated into the town’s defensive wall in the 16th century when the rear part of the island was reinforced. The Alte Rathaus or The Old Town Hall was built in the Gothic style between 1422 and 1436 and later on it was modified in the style of the Renaissance, between 1536 and 1578. The ground floor is home to the Free Town library, which dates back several centuries, and the town archive. Many sporting activities can be done on the lake and in the surrounding countryside. These include water sports such as sailing and water skiing, cycling around the lake, Nordic walking, golf and rambling. There are also a number of excursions options available such as to Meersburg, Salem Castle and to Liechtenstein.

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Language courses for Adults at Sprachinstitut Dialoge

Learn German in Lindau at our partner school, Dialoge. Offering high-quality German language courses since 1985, Dialoge provides students with a friendly and familiar atmosphere. The language teachers are very well qualified and have extensive experience in teaching German as a foreign language. The language school is located in the centre of the town, within easy reach of all shops, bars and attractions. read more »
Minimum age:
16 years
Max. class size:
all year round
Stay in:
Apartment, Host family, Private apartment
Course period:
1-36 weeks, 1 week from €295

Language courses for Juniors at Sprachinstitut Dialoge Juniors

Our partner school in Lindau, Sprachinstitut Dialoge , organizes a juniors course aged 12-16 in a junior summer camp just by the Lake of Konstanz. This is a great location in the outskirts of Lindau with a large green area and well equipped classrooms. Students have lessons an all the activities in this please supervised at all time by monitors. read more »
Minimum age:
14 years
Max. class size:
25/06/2023 - 05/08/2023
Stay in:
Host family, Residence
Course period:
1-6 weeks, 1 week from €990

Weather in Lindau

Month Max
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July 25 14 8
Aug 24 13 7
Sept 20 11 6
Oct 14 6 3
Nov 7 2 2
Dec 3 -2 1
Jan 2 -3 1
Feb 5 -2 3
Mar 10 1 5
Apr 15 4 6
May 19 8 7
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