Learn Spanish in Santiago de Cuba

Learn Spanish in Cuba's second city, Santiago de Cuba. Nestled between the foothills of the Sierra Maesta Mountains and the Caribbean ocean, Santiago de Cuba is a vibrant and vivacious city with a population of 490,000 inhabitants. The combination of African, French and Spanish influence is what has helped to shape Santiago's unique identity as a centre of culture, and what makes it such a fascinating environment in which to learn Spanish today. There is a lot to see and do in Santiago de Cuba, from visiting its museums to enjoying its numerous attractive bars and restaurants typical of Cuba's southern region.
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Language courses for Adults at Studyteam Cuba

Learn Spanish in Santiago de Cuba with our sister company, StudyTeam. We have offered Spanish courses in Santiago de Cuba since 1997. All teachers are university graduates and have been well trained in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Spanish Classes are held either at the teacher's home, in the house of the host family or (in some cases with mini group language course) in one of Santiago de Cuba's cultural centres. The average age of our students is 30 years and they mainly come from the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Austria and Great Britain. Occasionally, students from France, Italy, Japan, Canada and other countries also come to learn Spanish in Santiago de Cuba. read more »
Minimum age:
16 years
Max. class size:
all year round
Stay in:
Host family
Course period:
1-12 weeks, 1 week from €385

Weather in Santiago de Cuba

Month Max
Apr 31 22 7
May 32 23 7
June 33 24 6
July 34 24 7
Aug 34 24 7
Sept 33 24 5
Oct 33 23 5
Nov 32 22 6
Dec 31 21 7
Jan 30 20 6
Feb 31 20 7
Mar 31 21 7
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