Learn Spanish in Havana

StudyTravel offers you the opportunity to learn Spanish in Havana, the seductive capital of Cuba. Havana has a population of 2.3 million making it the largest and arguably the most vivacious Caribbean city. Although culturally eclectic Havana has a predominately Spanish and Latin feel, which is just one reason why people choose to learn Spanish in Havana. Music and dance are very important parts of life here, with Habaneros (inhabitants of Havana) singing and dancing long into the night - and we are pretty sure you will too! The main point of recognition in Havana is the famous boulevard, "de Malecón".
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Language courses for Adults at Sampere

Our partner school Estudio Sampere Havana is located in 3-story building in a nice residential neighborhood called La Vibora. La Vibora is the largest residential area of the islands capital and only 15 minutes away from Old Havana. read more »
Minimum age:
18 years
Max. class size:
all year round
Stay in:
Apartment, Host family, Residence
Course period:
1-24 weeks, 1 week from €575

Weather in Havana

Month Max
June 32 22 6
July 32 22 6
Aug 32 22 6
Sept 32 22 5
Oct 31 22 5
Nov 28 19 5
Dec 28 18 5
Jan 27 17 6
Feb 28 17 6
Mar 29 18 7
Apr 29 19 7
May 31 21 8
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