Learn Spanish in Chile

Chile is a beautiful Latin American country situated along the west coast of South America. One of the longest countries in the world, Chile is a land of extremes; stretching for an impressive 4300km and nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes, the variation of landscapes is astounding. In the north of Chile, you can find the Atacama Desert which is the driest place on earth and at its southernmost tip, ice fields and glaciers, as it is very close to Antarctica. Chile also has many valleys and national parks, thus proving that there is a vast and diverse landscape for you to explore when you learn Spanish in Chile. As Chile is a land of extremes, you can also go skiing in the Andes, yet on the contrary Chile also boasts some of South America’s best beach resorts and vineyards.

If you choose to learn Spanish in Chile, you will not only be overwhelmed by the country’s natural beauty, but also the warmth of its people.  The Chilean people are very welcoming and still celebrate and uphold their Incan and Indigenous ancestry and history. This is also evident in some of their traditional cuisine, such as tasty delicacies like empanadas and cazuela. Furthermore, when you decide to learn Spanish in Chile, you will have the opportunity to experience with your own eyes the amazing national dance of Chile, the Cueca. Santiago is Chile’s capital city and is situated in one of the most breathtaking natural settings of any city in the world. The snow-capped mountains which encircle Santiago will provide the perfect backdrop to your Spanish course in Chile. 

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