Language course German in Lindau

Sprachinstitut Dialoge

Learn German in Lindau at our partner school, Dialoge. Offering high-quality German language courses since 1991, Dialoge provides students with a friendly and familiar atmosphere. The language teachers are very well qualified and have extensive experience in teaching German as a foreign language. The language school is located in the centre of the town, within easy reach of all shops, bars and attractions.

Important features of our partner German school in Lindau:

The school building is well suited for the school's purposes. Design and interior of the school helps to create an atmosphere where students feel at home:

  • Accredited by IALC (International Association of Language Centres)
  • Large mix of student nationalities
  • 14 fully equipped classrooms
  • Study room
  • Student lounge
  • Student café
  • Minimum age: 16 years

Social Programme

Whilst you learn German in Lindau, you can also take part in our partner German language school's programme of extra-curricular activities to make your stay in the town that little bit more special.

  • The school rents out a sports hall and offers sports activities once a week, for example basketball, volleyball and football
  • Excursions to places of special interest
  • Social activities such as barbeques, wine tasting, cinema and bowling


The intensive German course in Lindau consists of 20 or 25 lessons per week, for a minimum of 1 week, in a maximum group of 12 students per class. During the intensive course you will improve all aspects of the language such as reading, writing, listening and speaking.

During the 5 extra lessons within the intensive course of 25 lessons per week, you will focus mostly on your conversational skills.

Minimum age is 16 years.


The combined course in Lindau consists of 20 weekly lessons with a further 5 or 10 individual lessons with a private teacher where students can study something of particular interest to them. You will be able to negotiate the program of study with the teacher.

Minimum age is 16 years.


The one-to-one German course consists of private German classes in our partner school in Lindau and is specially designed for those students who do not have a lot of time in which to study or for those who want to learn a particular aspect of the language in detail, in the sense that students can choose what they want to study. This includes topics such as economical or business German. The course consists of 20 weekly lessons, but this can be increased if need be.