Learn English in Cork for adults (50+)

Situated in the southern province of Munster, Cork stands as Ireland's second-largest city. Boasting a diverse population, Cork is characterized by its rich historical background and breathtaking natural landscapes. Its scenic variety, featuring rolling hills, the meandering River Lee, picturesque valleys, sandstone formations, and captivating coastline, renders Cork an enticing and alluring locale.

Why you should learn English in Cork as a Golden Age student!

The variety of landscapes, welcoming locals, and agreeable weather all add to Cork's allure. Its lively, colorful buildings beckon visitors to delve deeper into its charms. From landmarks like Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Fitzgerald’s Park, and the Church of St. Anne to the quaint shopping avenues of Grande Parade and Saint Patrick Street, there's no shortage of attractions. Cork's renowned Irish pubs, often resembling cozy living rooms, provide an ideal setting for mingling with locals. This makes Cork an ideal destination to learn English for over 50s in Ireland.

Learn the English language at an international language school

Our international partner, ACET, offers English language courses for adults of 50+ in Cork. The school is located in a cozy building near the center of Cork, with various shops and attractions within walking distance. The building has 24 classrooms and various modern amenities, such as a study area and lounge. This is a perfect school for over 50s to learn English.

The Club 50 course for the over 50s in Cork

Our partner institution in Cork presents the Club 50 program, tailored for learners aged approximately 50 and above, keen on integrating English education with a range of activities. The curriculum comprises listening, speaking, reading, and writing sessions conducted in a laid-back setting. Alongside these classes, the Golden Age students delve into Irish culture during various activities, gaining valuable insights into both Ireland and Cork. The Club 50 course serves as a comprehensive language initiative aimed at enhancing English communication skills both within and beyond the classroom environment.

Various types of accommodations in Cork for adults of 50+

While learning English for over 50s in Cork, you can choose to lodge with an Irish host family, enhancing your language immersion by experiencing Irish culture firsthand. Staying with a host family also provides valuable support for practicing English language skills. Alternatively, during the summer months, you may opt for residence accommodation if you prefer living with fellow students.

Discover the beauty of Cork and go learn English for Golden Age students in this city.

Explore all English language courses in Ireland for over 50s or contact us for more information about all language courses abroad.

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Language courses for Adults 50+ at ACET

The school is located in two adjacent Georgian buildings which have been renovated while keeping their elegant 18th century character. The school is centrally located, meaning everything you may want is located within walking distance of the school. read more »
Minimum age:
50 years
all year round
Stay in:
Host family, Residence
Course period:
1-2 weeks, 1 week from €460

Weather in Cork

Month Max
July 19 11 6
Aug 18 11 5
Sept 16 9 4
Oct 13 8 3
Nov 10 5 2
Dec 8 4 2
Jan 8 3 2
Feb 8 3 2
Mar 9 3 4
Apr 11 4 5
May 14 6 6
June 17 9 6
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