Language Schools in Brazil

Learn Portuguese in one of the language schools in Brazil with StudyTravel. Brazil is a beautiful country full of idyllic beaches, beautiful dancing and rhythmic music, making Brazil the world’s best destination to learn Brazilian Portuguese in the language schools in Brazil. Brazil is a stunning country with beautiful wildlife, including the renowned Brazilian Macaw which reflects the traditional Brazilian culture, colourful, beautiful and unique! Brazil is also known for its distinct and spectacular Carnival’s, something which you will definitely become familiar with when you decide to learn Portuguese in the language schools in Brazil. At these carnivals you will have the opportunity to admire and even try your hand at the traditional Samba and the Brazilian Tango.

If you would like to have the amazing opportunity of learning Portuguese in the language schools in Brazil you can do so at two of the country’s most famous and attractive destinations, Sao Paolo and Maceio. Sao Paulo is Brazil’s cultural capital with an exciting array of attractions for students learning Portuguese in the language schools in Brazil to enjoy including some of South America’s best museums, nightclubs, bars and restaurants. Maceio is a laid-back city set on a stunning coastline and is the perfect place to take a Portuguese language course in the language schools if you would like to spend your afternoons soaking up the sun on a palm lined, white sandy beach listening to the turquoise ocean gently lap against the shore. Whichever destination you choose, we are confident that if you choose to learn Portuguese in language schools in Brazil, it will be an experience you’ll never forget.    

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