COVID-19: How does it affect my language course abroad?

Expand your horizons by learning a language abroad... This has been and will be our motto since we started 27 years ago. Currently the world seems much smaller due to all the measures taken to fight against Coronavirus. Unfortunately, this is a global impact that affects all of us, StudyTravel as a company and you as a traveller.

Unfortunately, all language courses scheduled until April 27th inclusive will no longer be held. This is the most difficult notification we have ever had to communicate to our clients in our 27 years of existence and we are devastated by it.

For courses with starting dates in the month of May, we will contact you with further information, as soon as we have more news from the relevant governments.

Below we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding existing bookings with regard to the current coronavirus crisis:

I have booked a study trip with StudyTravel with a starting date during the period by April 27th inclusive: will my language course continue?

No, unfortunately your language course is canceled. The decision is the result of the far-reaching measures now being taken worldwide to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The virus has been declared a pandemic by now. This is a very exceptional situation which affects your travel plans in a very unforeseen way. Due to these unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances, we no longer hold it responsible to continue your language journey, regardless of your destination.

Many governments in the countries where we offer our language courses have decided in recent days to close all or part of their borders. More and more countries are likely to impose restrictions on travelers in the coming days.

Furthermore, we fear that at this time we are unable to offer you the language course you expected at your destination, due to restrictions imposed by local authorities. Public life in the destination of your choice might be at risk and restaurants, bars, museums and shopping malls are closed. In some countries exists even a nationwide quarantine, which sets restricted limitation regarding movement to prevent further spread of the virus.

What consequences has the cancelation of my language course abroad?

If your language programme gets canceled due to the coronavirus, you have not lost your money. You basically keep it as a credit and we will give you a "voucher COVID-19" to re-book the same language program "(same destination, school, course and accommodation). This way, you can postpone your language programme at no extra cost.

Of course, you don't have to decide immediately on which new dates you will be traveling, as the voucher remains valid for up to a year after the original start date.

If the price of the language course on the new departure date is more expensive (for example, due to seasonal supplements) you will have to pay the difference. If the language course is cheaper, we will refund 50% of the price difference. To review the price for your course on the new starting date, make a new quote online and carefully read the extra notes on the online price list.

We are aware that, under normal circumstances, in case of cancellation by the operator, we have to refund the full amount of the trip. However, the current situation is so exceptional that we consider that these extraordinary measures are fully justified. We are supported in our position by the fact that in Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands the vast majority of travel operators have adopted this system with success and good acceptance, since everyone wants to carry out their original plans made with great enthusiasm . In fact, this system is equivalent to the possibility of postponing without charge, as the vast majority of airlines and major tour operators around the world are doing now. We hope to have your understanding in our official position on this matter. Please note that the voucher cannot be exchanged for money.

Is it recommended to book a travel or cancellation insurance due to the COVID-19?

We always recommend to book a travel and cancellation insurance, regardless of the virus crisis. However, travel and cancellation insurance do not provide or include guarantees for Coronavirus, since it is an unforeseen reason of force majeure, which is outside the conditions of any travel policy existing today on the market.

Also, please note that once the language course has started, no cost will be refundable, even if you are quarantined in your accommodation or have left your course before the end of it. Furthermore, we are also not responsible for organizing and paying for your new return flight or any other costs derived from these actions. In this case, you should contact the embassy or consular office in the country where you are to request assistance.

Bookings of language courses with starting dates after April 27th, 2020

We advise all those who have booked a language course with a starting date in April not to travel. For all departure dates in May and later, based on the information we currently have, we assume that there are no restrictions. Of course, this could change any time.

Do you need any other clarification?

The StudyTravel team currently works from home doing its bit to fight against COVID -19, thus taking care of the well-being of both its workers and its clients, following the prescriptive measures of the government. We will continue to assist you exclusively via e-mail at from Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 18:00.

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